Tradigital dining that doesn’t disappoint

Combining traditional and digital into a unique customer experience
The flexibility of QikServe’s order and pay technology is unrivalled. No matter your business setup, it can be used to engage with customers driving satisfaction and revenue.
If your brand is struggling to decide between an order ahead or on-site service, we can help. In fact, with QikServe, there’s no need to stick to one customer journey. You can offer pre-ordering in combination with a host of tradigital on-site options!

ORDER and pay at table - Closed Tab

Effortless ordering without server contact

Ideal for any food or drink business with seated dining
Combining order at table with payment, or separate pay at table solutions

The customer:

ORDER and pay at table – Open Tab

Digital dining without limits

Let guests order rounds of food and drink, paying the final bill when they’re ready – not before! Open tab offers the convenience of digital alongside familiar, traditional dining – it’s ‘Tradigital’

The customer:

The solution also lets servers add and remove items to the guest’s tab from the point of sale.

Pay at table

Payments without the pressure

Ideal for any food or drink business
Once the customer has finished their meal/drink they:

ORDER to seat

A relaxing ordering experience

Complements theatre, event or stadium venues

The customer:

Drive up

Order without leaving the car

Great for fast food, fast causal and quick service restaurants

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Proven Ways to Boost Your Sales

Average Transaction Value (ATV) – also known as Average Order Value or Average Basket Value – is the average amount that a guest spends with