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We're here for hospitality

We've been committed to transforming, elevating, and supporting the hospitality industry for more than 13 years. Through sector leading accessible products to supporting customers through covid, we're dedicating to supporting the amazing organizations people in hospitality - that's what CSR means to us.

At Qikserve, we are committed to transforming, elevating, and supporting the hospitality industry. For more than 13 years, we have been dedicated to helping our customers grow their businesses and unlock their full potential. Our corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives focus on accessibility, charity, and support.


We are proud to offer two distinct accessibility areas – mobile ordering and kiosk. Our commitment to accessibility has been recognized with sector-leading kiosk accessibility that surpasses ADA standards and the first WCAG 2.1 AA accessible ordering product. We believe that accessibility is essential for enabling hospitality operators to offer their menus to the widest possible market, enabling staff, and growing their businesses. We are honored to have been recognized with an award by Pennies for our strong partnership and deep integration.


Our work with Pennies is an essential part of our CSR initiatives. We support Pennies’ “round up for charity” feature, which enables operators to give back to their communities. We believe that charity is an essential component of our commitment to corporate social responsibility, and we are proud to partner with Pennies to make a positive impact on people’s lives.


Our commitment to supporting our customers is an essential aspect of our corporate social responsibility. We provide free training, articles on how to grow hospitality businesses and improve operations, and a dedicated customer success team that is always available to provide support. We take pride in sharing our expertise with our customers, helping them unlock the full potential of our products and services. We are particularly proud of our efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns, where our products kept businesses alive and people fed. Our team, friends, and families even volunteered to help get businesses online as operators rushed to adopt digital ordering.

At QikServe, we believe that corporate social responsibility is essential to our success and that of the hospitality industry. Our commitment to accessibility, charity, and support reflects our core values of innovation and partnership, and we are dedicated to future progress.

Your QikOrder onboarding journey

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We create your store(s), add your menu and you get ready


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Test your store to make sure everything is running smoothly

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Our expert customer support team is ready to guide you from the moment you join the QikServe platform.

How we support you

Our Knowledge Base is your first port of call for any questions about how to make the most of your platform. The online guide outlines the steps you need to setup your venue and start taking orders.

From styling to payment processing, every aspect of our products is covered. We recommend you use the Knowledge Base in addition to our training calls, which all customers are welcome to join.

Get in touch

Once you are live, our customer service team can be contacted on Use this email for any product related questions, if you need marketing input or want to add a feature to your service. Our standard business hours are 09:00-17:00 Monday to Friday (British time).

If you’re reporting an issue, please include the following:

• Store name

• Brief summary of the issue encountered

• Any check or table numbers affected by the issue

• The number of stores affected

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