Celebrating National Fish and Chips Day 2021

Fish and chip takeaways

It’s a fast-food option barely known are partaken of outside the UK. Battered fish (or sausage) and chunky chips with just the right amount of grease. How you eat it depends on your personal taste, but also on where you live within the UK. The further North you are, the more likely it is that you choose haddock, down south, it’s cod. Head to Wales and you might be dipping your chips in curry sauce, while Londoners prefer a dash of ketchup and sometimes some mayonnaise.  

The UK boasts 10,500 fish and chip shops – that’s eight times as many as McDonald’s and 1,500 more than Indian takeaways. With numbers like that, there can be little doubt that fish and chips is the nation’s favourite dish.  

At QikServe we are lucky to have a great relationship with the fish and chip industry. Working with the nation’s biggest chains as well as smaller brands, we support several fish and chip restaurants named amongst the best in the country.  

Last year was a transformative for the sector. When the lockdowns begun it was instantly clear that brands needed to find a way to access their customers and serve them safely. The obvious answer was digital ordering – but third-party aggregators which came with crippling high commission fees. Many turned to QikServe because we don’t offer any commission; we give companies a fully branded platform and complete control of the service they provide. From setting order slots to managing direct customer communications, the QikServe platforms help brands boost revenue and enhance customer relationships. During lockdown we even introduced new features specifically in response to requests from our fish and chip shop customers; kerbside delivery was the result of a conversation with Hooked fish and chips.  

Now, on 4th June, we’re joining the industry in celebrating National Fish and Chip day. We’re proud to work with more than 400 shops in this close-knit community. Tastes may differ between regions, but the goal remains the same. Give this iconic dish – and the people that create it – the recognition it deserves.