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Celebrating International Women’s Day

At QikServe, our team are the heart of our business. Our ethos revolves around the recognition that nurturing and empowering our talent is paramount, and it is their hard work, savviness and brilliance that not only inspires us, but drives our success. In celebration of International Women’s Day 2024, we have invited some of the remarkable women at QikServe to share wisdom they have picked up on their paths. Dive into their invaluable lessons, indispensible advice and the driving forces behind their successes below.


“In the early stages of my career, I found myself distancing from my feminine qualities, influenced by the lack of diverse role models in the technology space. However, with time and experience, I have embraced and leaned into my feminine superpowers as strengths. I prioritize my intuition and try to embody a kind and more thoughtful leadership style. Throughout my career, I have supported a lot of women in technology, constantly offering the same advice: ‘Be yourself. You are enough. You got this!’ In a world where inequalities persist, we sometimes just have to be reassured.” 

– Sif Rai, Chief Operating Officer

I am incredibly fortunate to have worked with incredible leaders, managers & colleagues who have gifted me their time and mentorship throughout my career. Sharing and learning from experiences at work is incredibly important for personal and professional growth. When sharing experiences with others, it creates opportunities for learning and collaboration. We gain new perspectives and insights. Creating these opportunities for connection and growth is essential for supporting women in the workplace and promoting a culture of inclusivity and support. Build and invest in a community of people that you admire and are inspired by. Celebrate your wins!” 

– Lesley Corr, Business Manager, QikServe Payments

“As a woman in business, I have gained some invaluable lessons through my career’s highs and lows.

  • Authenticity breeds trust. If you can stay true to your values, you will quickly establish credibility which in turn will build trust throughout your network.
  • Be open to continuous learning and practice active listening. I truly believe that every experience, whether a success or a setback, holds valuable lessons. Growth comes in reflection, so don’t dwell on mistakes. Instead, learn, rectify and move forward.
  • If you follow my first two rules, you will find that you naturally build a strong network of mentors, role models and connections. These networks hold the key to accessing fresh expertise and find new learning opportunities.

Beyond everything, enjoy your career. You spend a considerable chunk of your life at work, so go in with a positive attitude and display a commitment to improvement. If you embrace any challenges that come your way, I guarantee the highlights will soon stack up.”

– Samantha Backhouse, Strategic Account Director

Always be your true, authentic self, but don’t forget to admire others. Learn from those you admire by actively listening to their experiences and insights and integrate what resonates with you into your own life in a way that feels genuine and meaningful. A successful career is not just about what you are good at, it is what you are passionate about, and when you marry the two is where you’ll find the greatest fulfilment. Embrace your uniqueness and celebrate the differences in others; diversity enriches our lives and brings new perspectives that can lead to innovation and growth.

– Laura Gibson, Content Marketing Manager

“I am proud to be part of a thriving HR network group, where the majority of members are strong, empowered women. One of the recurring discussions we have is about boosting confidence in the workplace. We recognize that imposter syndrome, while it can feel daunting, actually signifies growth and progression. It’s a sign that we are stepping out of our comfort zones, pushing ourselves to reach new heights, and continuously striving for improvement. Embracing imposter syndrome means embracing the opportunity for personal and professional development. It serves as a reminder that we are constantly evolving and moving forward in our careers.”

– Rebecca Mackenzie, HR Manager

My advice to women in business is to stay true to yourself, be open to feedback, have confidence in yourself and your abilities, and remember that you are your own best advocate. It is so important for women (especially in male dominated industries) to learn how to speak up for themselves, whether it be for new opportunities, better resources, higher compensation, or just sharing their impact and contributions to the business.

– Shannon Lippe, VP of Product Marketing

“One valuable lesson I have learned is the importance of being proactive. Waiting for others to tell you what to do can limit your growth and learning potential. By taking initiative and being proactive, you open yourself up to new opportunities, challenges, and experiences that can help you learn and grow.”

– Zoey Firdos, Project Manager

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