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Click & Collect: How to select the best ‘order online for pickup’ system for your restaurant

The restaurant industry has undergone significant transformations in recent years, with one of the most notable changes being the exponential growth of services that enable customers to order food online for collection at a time of their convenience.  While the COVID-19 pandemic was undoubtably the catalyst for this shift, customer demand for convenient ways to order from their favorite restaurants is here to stay.

Welcome Break launches click & collect service

Welcome Break, one of the UK’s leading motorway service operators, has launched its first click-and-collect ordering and payment service at Burger King at its South Mimms (M25) site ahead of a wider roll out across more brands and sites over the summer.

What restaurants can learn from dark kitchens

The events taking place across Britain are unprecedented, and a ‘national effort’ has been called for by economic and scientific minds. Financial help from the government has been announced, but naturally, restaurants are seeking alternative methods for attracting revenue in order to survive.

Cashless restaurants: cheaper, faster, more convenient but are they inevitable?

It’s no secret there has been a steep decline in cash payments in the last few years. For the generations that have grown up with mobile in hand, never knowing the inconvenience of a world without internet, cash is being used less and less. As restaurant operators eagerly explore ways to reduce costs, make operational efficiencies and, at the same time, deliver an outstanding customer experience, we consider if cashless restaurants are an inevitability worth preparing for.