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Order and pay at table

How Restaurants Can Survive a Recession

We are settling into a new year and a fresh start, and as we plan ahead, we also reflect on how the past few years of disrupt has affected us. Our industry has been hit hard and continues to struggle to a full recovery – as soon as the fallout from one global crisis begins to heal, we are faced with the next. Hospitality operators constantly face a fight or flight decision as your venues must adapt to survive and it can be overwhelming trying to keep up.  

Yes, move on from COVID, but don’t move on from digital dining 

When brands were mandated to close their dining rooms to guests in 2020, many took up digital ordering (online or mobile app) to facilitate off-premise ordering. This technology enabled to them to keep revenue streams open and maintain direct customer communication.  


How changing consumer behaviour and soaring costs are forcing fast casual operators to rethink their digital and operations strategies

The fast-casual sector, much like other areas of the hospitality industry, has been faced with multiple challenges in recent years.  Recovery from the recession, minimum wage rises, increasing ground rent and changing consumer preferences and behaviors have forced operators to rethink not just their digital strategies but also their operations, especially around fulfilment.  We take a deeper dive into the challenges of the fast-casual sector and how digital innovation can help not just minimize their impact, but proactively drive success.

Cashless restaurants: cheaper, faster, more convenient but are they inevitable?

It’s no secret there has been a steep decline in cash payments in the last few years. For the generations that have grown up with mobile in hand, never knowing the inconvenience of a world without internet, cash is being used less and less. As restaurant operators eagerly explore ways to reduce costs, make operational efficiencies and, at the same time, deliver an outstanding customer experience, we consider if cashless restaurants are an inevitability worth preparing for.

Pay at Table

8 surprising benefits of mobile pay at table

As a guest, being able to use your mobile to pay your check the moment you’re ready to leave has the obvious benefit of being super convenient.  In fact, QikServe the company was born out of an experience our Founder and President, Daniel Rodgers, had when he was eating out with his young family.  He had just got settled at the table, on his own with two kids, when he realized he needed to leave them to go to the counter and order.  It was then he thought this whole process of ordering and paying for food should really be available on his mobile.  Quick.  Easy.  No need to leave kids unattended.

pay at table

Why Pay At Table technology isn’t just for quick service restaurants

Order and pay technology – both in store and off premise – is nothing new in the quick service restaurant (QSR) industry. From order, pay and loyalty apps to self-service kiosk, fast food outlets such as McDonald’s, Domino’s and Panera Bread are rolling out customer-facing digital order and pay systems on mass and reaping a myriad of benefits in return. From boosted revenues (up to 20% on average), more loyal customers and reduced staff and operational-associated costs – it’s clear to see why digitising the order and pay process is a no brainer for Hospitality brands focused on customers looking for speed and convenience from their dining experience.