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Mobile Order and Pay


Click & Collect: How to select the best ‘order online for pickup’ system for your restaurant

The restaurant industry has undergone significant transformations in recent years, with one of the most notable changes being the exponential growth of services that enable customers to order food online for collection at a time of their convenience.  While the COVID-19 pandemic was undoubtably the catalyst for this shift, customer demand for convenient ways to order from their favorite restaurants is here to stay.

How Restaurants Can Survive a Recession

We are settling into a new year and a fresh start, and as we plan ahead, we also reflect on how the past few years of disrupt has affected us. Our industry has been hit hard and continues to struggle to a full recovery – as soon as the fallout from one global crisis begins to heal, we are faced with the next. Hospitality operators constantly face a fight or flight decision as your venues must adapt to survive and it can be overwhelming trying to keep up.  

Yes, move on from COVID, but don’t move on from digital dining 

When brands were mandated to close their dining rooms to guests in 2020, many took up digital ordering (online or mobile app) to facilitate off-premise ordering. This technology enabled to them to keep revenue streams open and maintain direct customer communication.  

The return to hospitality: a first-hand account

And so, the pubs, cafes and restaurants have reopened! While the redtops featured images of drunken revellers falling about in the street, for the vast majority, the reopening of their businesses was a much calmer affair. Some venues chose to delay their opening to see how the first weekend of business was dealt with by their industry colleagues, while others opened but with very limited service times or numbers.  

QikServe launches ‘Curbside Collection’

QikServe has launched Curbside Collection, a new feature for its online and mobile ordering platform. The solution allows customers that have purchased food for takeaway to remain in their car, while operators easily locate them for on-location delivery.