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How Restaurants Can Survive a Recession

We are settling into a new year and a fresh start, and as we plan ahead, we also reflect on how the past few years of disrupt has affected us. Our industry has been hit hard and continues to struggle to a full recovery – as soon as the fallout from one global crisis begins to heal, we are faced with the next. Hospitality operators constantly face a fight or flight decision as your venues must adapt to survive and it can be overwhelming trying to keep up.  

Avoid these 4 kiosk ordering worst practices

It’s understandable that some of your staff might look at Hospitality customer self-service kiosks with some trepidation but as we explain in a previous blog, automation isn’t about replacing man with machine. Getting all your employees on board, from floor staff and management to back of house and kitchen staff, is key to making your kiosk deployment a success.