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How Restaurants Can Survive a Recession

We are settling into a new year and a fresh start, and as we plan ahead, we also reflect on how the past few years of disrupt has affected us. Our industry has been hit hard and continues to struggle to a full recovery – as soon as the fallout from one global crisis begins to heal, we are faced with the next. Hospitality operators constantly face a fight or flight decision as your venues must adapt to survive and it can be overwhelming trying to keep up.  

How do you counter industry no-shows? 

Pubs and restaurants in England have only just reopened after being closed for months during lockdown. But their efforts to make up for lost time and money are being hampered by booked-in customers not turning up. Again, and again, the press carries stories of beleaguered business owners, struggling with the result of guest no-shows. Is this just a problem of the moment, or are we facing a long-term issue? How can companies counter industry no-shows?