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Customer Experience

How Can You Create a Strong Company Culture in Hospitality?

You know your business better than anyone, and you know that company culture plays a vital role in the overall performance and satisfaction of your employees. The personality and character of your organization is one of the significant factors that employees consider when applying for jobs and workplace culture can help you impact an individual’s happiness and improve your employee’s (and therefore your business’) performance. 

In Conversation with Ethan Martin – QikServe’s Chief Experience Officer

As the QikServe team continues to grow, we are delighted to welcome Ethan Martin to the team as Chief Experience Officer. Ethan has packed in a wealth of experience and success to his career so far as Founder and CEO of ROUND – a UK based table service app. Ethan was featured in Forbes as well as being nominated for TechRound’s 29Under29 and the Great British Entrepreneur Awards in 2021.