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Case Studies

The Oak Tree Inn

On The Bonnie Banks

Nestled amongst the famously picturesque banks of Loch Lomond, the Oak Tree Inn has been a cherished fixture for nearly three decades. Positioned along Scotland’s most famous walking trail, The West Highland Way is a 96-mile-long route traversing spectacular landscapes of the Scottish Highlands. The family-run establishment serves as an essential respite for locals and tourists alike.

With a legacy of warmth and authenticity, the Oak Tree Inn boasts 42 inviting bedrooms and a delightful pub, restaurant and cafe where you will find The Loch Lomond Coffee Co, roasting fresh coffee on site. Founded with a vision to provide quality food, drink and accommodation options to adventurers, the Fraser family has transformed Balmaha into a destination in its own right.

"We find ourselves in one of the most exquisite corners of the world, nestled on the shores of Loch Lomond. We take great pride in maintaining our destination, nurturing our village, and offering exceptional food and drink experiences that pay homage to the beauty of Scotland's natural surroundings."

Turning to Technology

In response to the challenges brought forth by the 2019 pandemic, the Oak Tree Inn swiftly adapted to remain operational while prioritizing the safety and satisfaction of their customers, recognizing the need for a long-term solution to streamline operations and enhance workflow. Leveraging their expansive outdoor dining area in order to keep serving customers, they sought a solution to facilitate contactless ordering and payment on site, and mobile ordering for takeaways.

Implementing QikServe’s Mobile Ordering and Pay at Table solutions empowered customers at the Oak Tree Inn to place orders and settle bills directly from their tables, eliminating the need for physical menus, crowded queues or unnecessary interaction. Presenting a prime opportunity to elevate staff morale by automating mundane and laborious tasks, Mobile Ordering empowers guests to seamlessly browse menus, place orders and settle payments from their smartphones. This streamlined approach not only boosts guest satisfaction but also minimizes errors and miscommunication. Flexible menu customization and integrated promotions cater to diverse preferences, while swift order relay to the kitchen or bar reduces wait times, refining overall service efficiency. Simplified bill splitting and loyalty program integration further improves the guest journey, fostering engagement and repeat visits.

With QikServe powering the ordering solution, the Oak Tree Inn’s staff are able to focus on delivering the best service and keeping guests happy. By eliminating wait times for bills and card machines and allowing guests to pay at their convenience, tables are turned faster, and tipping cues encourage larger tips. This innovative approach to mobile ordering technology has not only revolutionized the dine-in experience, but has also transformed the takeaway service, offering easy and personalized menu management for online orders.


Reaping the Rewards

By streamlining their entire operation with QikServe’s technology, the Oak Tree Inn prioritized the health and safety of their staff and patrons during the pandemic, while optimizing sustained efficiency for the entire operation. With all orders accurately transmitted and payments securely processed, the risk of errors and inconvenience was effectively mitigated, resulting in an elevated experience for all. In embracing QikServe’s technology to adapt to the evolving landscape of hospitality during challenging times, the Oak Tree Inn demonstrated resilience and a commitment to providing exceptional service.

Since the implementation of this technology, the Oak Tree Inn has experienced a considerable uplift in orders and spend, along with the ability to serve an increased number of happy customers without compromising customer satisfaction. The impact on revenue is undeniable; our data shows a consistent increase in spend per cover of over 27% following the introduction of Mobile Ordering. And it’s not just about the bottom line; enriching the guest experience cultivates loyalty, ensuring a steady flow of returning customers. This success underscores the significant impact of embracing innovative solutions to adapt to the ever-evolving landscape of the hospitality industry

"The ordering platform has sparked a transformative shift in our operations, making it easier to cater to larger numbers while streamlining our process and redirecting our staff's focus towards delivering unparalleled customer service."

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