HMSHost Case Study

Client: HMSHost

HMHost Cover case study

Solution: QikServe F&B Kiosk
POS: Oracle F&B
Payment: FreedomPay

HMSHost is part of Autogrill S.p.A – the world’s largest provider of food and beverage services for travelers – and creates innovative dining locations at hundreds of airports and motorway travel plazas across North America.

The leader in travel dining

With annual sales of nearly $3.3 billion, the company offers travelers an unparalleled blend of local, regional and international brands.

In the US, HMSHost operates travel-based licensed stores of many of the world’s most recognizable food and drinks brands. The company is fully committed to implementing a digital self-service strategy to enhancer the customer experience and boost revenues across many of its brands.

HMSHost is working with QikServe on various self-service initiatives such as expanding kiosk roll-out as well as mobile self-service.

In 2017, HMSHost engaged QikServe to implement a kiosk-based ordering system at around 85 of its US licensed stores of a major Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) chain.

“We wanted to join the 21st century – our customers were increasingly demanding new and different ways of ordering and paying for their food and QikServe has been able to help us achieve that goal,” said James Schmitz, Vice President of Innovation at HMHost.

As the first stage of a phased rollout, the companies worked together to develop and test a kiosk solution at 11 restaurants at airport and motorway locations across the country, from Hawaii to Delaware.

The solution is built on QikServe’s ordering and payment software, which is fully integrated with HMSHost’s Oracle point of sale system, and provides customers with an intuitive user interface that allows them to navigate the restaurant’s menu with ease.

“QikServe does a fantastic job at supporting us – they truly feel like a partner and work closely with us at both a strategic and technical level,” says Schmitz.

“QikServe’s expert knowledge and deep integration with Oracle was a key factor in our decision to work with them.”

Guests browse the restaurant menu, place their order and pay at the kiosk, which provides them with a receipt containing their unique order number. The QikServe application then generates an order request on the restaurant’s POS system and on the screens in the kitchen.

The guest uses the order number on the receipt to collect the correct order from an express counter once the meal has been prepared.

After rolling out the kiosk system at the initial locations, HMSHost North America has already seen compelling results.

“Since deploying the QikServe kiosk solution at the first restaurants, we have seen a significant improvement in average ticket prices,” says Schmitz.

“Indeed, average transaction increase on the QikServe kiosks has been so high that it has driven the overall business performance higher at those locations.”

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The ability to add up-selling and cross-selling elements to the QikServe ordering process has been successful in helping drive higher average orders.

“We have seen increases in both order modifiers, where orders are added due to upselling options, and greater uptake of combo deals through the QikServe-powered kiosks.”

And the benefits have extended beyond financial returns into operational improvements as well.

“We see that our customers now have the confidence that there is another option when they see that there are long lines at the counter” says Schmitz. “The QikServe kiosks have helped us manage high customer volume during busy periods like Thanksgiving.”

“The scalable and modular nature of QikServe’s technology means that we are able to plan beyond this rollout and we are already prepping other brands in our North American portfolio that can benefit from a variety of digital self-service solutions, not only kiosks.”

Next Steps: Following the successful pilot, HMSHost North America is now looking at implementing additional new technologies from QikServe and commencing further roll-out kiosk ordering to locations across the United States. And this is just the beginning…

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