Estro Pizza optimises customer communication with QikServe

In February 2019 a new restaurant called Estro Pizza opened its doors in a prime location in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. The Managing Director, Ado Medjedovic, brought with him decades of success and experience in the restaurant and takeaway industry, all of which he intended to apply to his latest venture.

The Challenge

Having worked hard to remain at the forefront of takeaway innovation over the years, something Ado knew was that Estro Pizza would need its own mobile ordering platform. In the process of reviewing the market and speaking to industry contacts, Ado was introduced to QikServe’s ordering platform and was immediately taken by the ease of use, both from the customer and the operator’s perspective – the platform was seamless. 

The Solution

Estro Pizza adopted QikServe from opening, running it in conjunction with aggregator services including Just Eat and Deliveroo. But, while the business was happy to receive orders from the aggregator platforms, its hope was that customers would prefer to use its QikServe powered, own brand solution. 

At first, customers continued to rely on the aggregator services, having not formed brand loyal bonds with the restaurant, it was the easiest way for them to find the restaurant. However, as time went on, and with the help of social and marketing promotion, customers began to migrate. 

“Using the QikServe platform we had complete control and we were able to communicate directly with the customer when they have a query or issue, giving them the best possible experience with our brand. That’s something we’ll never be able to do via an aggregator. Our customers use our platform because they appreciate the extra level of personalisation they get with it.”

The importance Estro Pizza places on communication isn’t just about solving challenges. It actively collects customer data through the platform, using it to send GDPR compliant push notifications, and exporting data for email and text message marketing to drive repeat business. And it’s been working. Going into COVID-19 more than half of Estro Pizzas digital customers were choosing to use its own platform over aggregator alternatives.


Since industry restrictions began in line with national and local lockdowns in 2020, the dine-in trade at Estro has understandably been minimal. The brand’s response to this was to place an increased focus on its takeaway business. 

Using QikServe, the team has worked hard to move the restaurant experience into its delivery business. For them this has meant ensuring it’s always restaurant quality of food that is delivered to customers – they have been selective in the packaging they use and in the menu they offer; some restaurant menu items don’t travel well and have been discontinued as items for takeaway.

Most important during this time has been managing customer expectations around timing – QikServe made it easy for Estro Pizza to do that. As orders flow in, the team quickly adjusts collection slots and switches preparation times from off-peak to peak hours, and back. And, if items go out of stock, they are able to remove them from the menu without delay.

The results

The sales data gathered by QikServe shows how the team’s hard work has paid off. In 2020, through the midst of the pandemic, the brand saw a 155% increase in revenue passing through the platform, a 144% increase in the number of customers placing orders, and most interesting perhaps, a 44% increase in average spend.

Ado comments: “The Estro team has been busy throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. We may have closed out physical dining space, but our strong customer base has been keen to use the restaurant’s ordering platform. Like others in a similar position, we’ve also been lucky to benefit from the support of customers keen to spend money with local businesses at this time.  

“Now, as the country’s hospitality industry prepares to reopen, we are excited to move forwards. We have plans in the works for two new sites, both of which will be supported by our QikServe ordering platform; and we also intend to make use of QikServe’s order-to-table solution for the first time.”