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Case Studies

Mobile ordering and payment at Benugo UK

Benugo Case Study

Interview with Susana Lavrador, IT Operations Manager, Benugo

Susana Lavrador is the IT Operations Manager at Benugo. She gained a Master’s degree in IT, communications, and multimedia in Portugal prior to moving to London. She initially worked in Benugo as a barista, then became a front-of-house team leader at various locations. She transitioned to the role of IT Assistant in 2019, and progressed to IT Operations Manager in 2021.

  • Range of Operations: Benugo covers diverse aspects of the hospitality industry, ranging from dining at prestigious locations like museums (such as the British Museum and the British Film Institute) and event spaces (such as the ABBA Arena), to cafes in high-traffic areas like train stations.  They also have cafes in parks (such as Hyde Park and Regents Park) and in corporate workplaces.  They cater to tourists, commuters, concert-goers, and corporate clients, creating a diverse customer base.

  • QikServe Products Implementation: Several Benugo sites utilise QikServe’s integrated ecommerce platform for hospitality. This includes products, such as QikServe Payments, Order Ahead, QR Code Order and Pay at Table, and Kiosks.

  • Importance of QikServe Payments: Payment services are critical for Benugo. Reliable payment systems ensure smooth transactions and customer satisfaction. Payment failures can lead to negative experiences and customer reluctance to return.

  • Fraud Prevention: Fraud prevention is highly important to Benugo due to the increasing prevalence of fraudulent activities. Ensuring customer safety is crucial for maintaining a positive reputation and customer loyalty.

  • Variety of Payment Methods: Customers’ preferences for various payment methods, such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet, available through QikServe Payments, are increasingly important, particularly to a younger demographic. Providing multiple payment options caters to different customer preferences.

  • Benefits of Installing Kiosks at Science Museum: The implementation of kiosks at the Science Museum’s Shake Bar brought several benefits. It showcased innovation, engaged visitors, and catered to a tech-savvy audience. The ease of use and interaction with technology attracted customers, especially younger audiences who found it exciting.

  • Advantages of QR Code Ordering and Payment: Offering customers the ability to order and pay from their tables streamlines the process.  It saves time for both customers and staff, eliminates potential payment-related inconveniences, and enhances overall customer experience.  Since implementing QR code Order and Pay at Table at the Hyde Park, Regents Park and St James Park sites, there has been an immediate increase in order value per transaction and an increase in spend across all sites.

  • Adoption of Technology: The successful adoption of technology by Benugo’s customers is attributed to the operations staff’s support and guidance, including the introduction of table toppers to help guide customers through the first steps of QR code ordering, as well as the convenience and ease of the digital ordering process.

  • Data and Reporting: Data collected from the QikServe dashboard, due to its seamless integration with existing tech, such as StockLink, provides valuable insights for improving operations, menu offerings, and identifying sales trends.

  • Close Collaboration with Operators: Benugo maintains a close relationship with operators to address their needs and customise solutions. This collaboration ensures that the technology is aligned with operational requirements. The variety of digital journeys provided by QikServe means the operators are able to select and trial a variety of products most suited to their sites, providing guests with more ways to order and pay.

  • The QikServe Experience: The familiarity and user-friendliness of QikServe’s platform, as well as the system’s logical layout, contributed to a smooth implementation process. The managers within Benugo also found it easy to navigate and use independently.

Overall, the interview with Susana Lavrador highlights the successful integration of QikServe’s products into Benugo’s diverse operations. The platform’s user-friendly interface, seamless integrations with existing technology, full range of digital journeys and payment offerings, has led to improved customer experiences and operational efficiencies.

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