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A day in the life of our Customer Success team

Christian Milton is a Customer Success Manager at QikServe. What does that mean? Customer Success is about ensuring customers achieve their desired outcomes while using our product or service. Relationship-focused, the team’s objective is to align customer goals with our own for the benefit of everyone involved. 

It’s a great definition, but here we’re going to look at the nitty gritty; what exactly does a ‘Customer Success Manager’ do every day? Always positive and upbeat, we spoke to team member, Christian Milton, and asked him if he’d share more about his role with QikServe’s audience.  

Christian jokes that he starts every day with an hour of meditation as it’s a moment of calm before what he knows will be a busy day helping and responding to enquiries. While he says it in jest, there is truth to the fact that the role of customer success is a busy one and there’s rarely a moment for downtime.  

Throughout the day, the role that Christian and his Customer Success colleagues play includes (but is rarely limited to): 


Once you’ve signed up to join us as a customer at QikServe, an individual in, or members of the Customer Success team will take you through the onboarding process – continuing right up until the moment your platform goes live. Christian will go through the process of getting your platform up-and-running, co-ordinating with you to get all the information needed to successfully launch your service – whether it’s web only, requires an app build or a kiosk.  

Christian also promotes and runs customer training sessions. These are held regularly and are an opportunity for new customers to see a demo of the product and ask any outstanding questions they have about set-up and ongoing management. Existing customers are also welcomed to join whenever they want a refresher on the features available or have practical questions to pose.  

Customer Support Desk  

Your app, kiosk or web solution is now live, and you have begun taking orders and payments from your own customers. Inevitably, as you progress and grow, new questions will arise. You might want a refresher on how to set customer specific promotions, for example. When you send you email into it automatically raises an alert on our customer support desk, letting the team know that there is an issue to investigate. The customer support desk is vital element of the customer success teams’ role, Christian and his teammates are here to help customers, to be there for them and ensure a smooth experience for them and their guests. 

The job of the support desk additionally involves the actioning of integrations. Here he may have to coordinate with other departments in the business, product, development, even marketing, and outside of the business, with  ePOS, payment and loyalty partners. 


Every day brings fresh ad hoc requirements, just last week Christian spent time reviewing the documents given to customers to guide them through the onboarding process and worked with the marketing team to update them.  

More commonly the Customer Success team finds itself relaying fresh feature requests to product and development, inputting into which ones move ahead, and when. It’s an essential task and key to the evolution of the platform. They are ideally placed to take on this role because of the close relationships they build with customers; they have a detailed understanding of market movements and changing customer needs.  

Of course, above and beyond everything we’ve mentioned, Christian and the Customer Success team act as a glue within the QikServe business. They keep close to account managers in every department and act as conduits between sales and product development. By keeping communications flowing, they help secure the smooth running of customers’ platforms and have a direct impact on their success.  

With a day like that, it would be no surprise if Christian did start it off with some gentle meditation! QikServe has an extensive customer base, and he and the rest of the Customer Success team are absolutely committed to providing the best support in the market.  

If you’re an existing customer and need support, please get in touch  – your query will be dealt with by Christian or someone else within our excellent Customer Success team. 

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