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A brand new QikServe…

If you have visited our web site recently, you may have noticed that we look quite different today compared a few weeks ago. That’s right, we’ve given our brand a bit of a refresh… and not just for the hell of it either!

When QikServe was founded nearly a decade ago, we were a mobile app service and our ‘Waiter in your Pocket’ brand fitted nicely with our position in the market. Skip forward to today, and QikServe is a very different beast to the days of the waiter in your pocket.

Our technology has evolved from a humble app into a stable, mature digital self-service platform, supporting enterprise-scale projects for some of the largest hospitality businesses across the world. So, we thought it was about time we also changed the way we look and talk to better reflect the QikServe of today.

Choose your journey

One aspect that we wanted to resonate clearly through our new brand is the flexibility that we offer, both to our hospitality clients, who love the convenience of working with a single platform for multiple self-service channels, but also to the guests that they ultimately serve, who want to be able to choose how to interact with the world around them. Providing the ability to make your own decisions is a very human aspect of what we do here at QikServe.

We also wanted to reflect the fact that what we do is complex, but that we actually make life easier for our clients and their guests by simplifying the complexity and turning it into an amazing experience. That is reflected both in our language, but also in the way we present ourselves.

Visually speaking

We wanted to stand out from other companies in hospitality and, in what is a very crowded market, that is easier said than done. But we think we’ve achieved our goal, with a memorable and differentiated look and feel.

Take a look at our new logo. It is the focal point of our brand. It immediately identifies our communications and symbolises our brand promise – that our platform offers a seamless flow of data, guests and ultimately business, for our customers. As a rapidly growing force in hospitality, this is a message that singles us out as an authority and gives all our customers a reason to believe in us.

Similarly, our “flowing” yellow brand pattern exists in our core identity system to communicate a technological ecosystem.  This pattern has been designed to be flexible and can be interpreted in different ways just by altering the words it appears with.

And we’ve also used illustrations to communicate some of the more functional aspects of our business – often helping to make complex concepts more engaging and much easier to understand.These changes don’t represent a beginning or an end – they are a reflection of a stage on our journey. Over the months and years to come, you will continue to see us evolve – whether to meet the changing needs of our customers and their markets, adapt to the introduction of new technologies, or respond to the rapidly changing dynamics of the world around us.

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