QikServe and Acteol integration to deliver deeper customer data insights for hospitality brands

Eating at restaurant

QikServe, the leading digital ordering solutions provider, is working closely with Acteol, the award-winning enterprise CRM solution for the hospitality, retail and leisure sectors, to provide restaurant brands with more accurate, individualised data on their customers for better marketing experiences.   The deep integration between the two platforms allows hospitality brands to capture more detailed information about their customers’ purchasing behaviours including what they order, how much […]

The future of the food and hospitality industry

This year, QikServe celebrated 10 years since it first launched its ordering and payment technologies for food and hospitality businesses. The market has come a long way since those early days, indeed, adoption of digital ordering has accelerated in the last 18 months.   Now, rather than looking back, we turn our vision forward, looking to the solutions we think will – or could – be in […]