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10 things waiters hate dealing with : QikServe Blog

Your wait staff really are the unsung heroes of the hospitality industry.  Often the focus of nefarious customer wrath, less than hygienic table manners and, shall we say, challenging working conditions, yet they’re the human face of your brand and, in most cases, aim to provide service with a smile. Here are some of the top things servers hate dealing with:

1. Not looking at your server when ordering
Mumble into a menu, complain when an order is misheard.


It’s a menu, not a microphone.

2. Notes on receipts in lieu of tip
“You look great today” doesn’t pay the bills

10 things

3. Not letting staff know when something is wrong
“My steak was medium well not rare so I’m not paying for it.  It took me eating the whole steak to notice.”


4. Order things that aren’t on the menu
“Yes, I’ll have the spaghetti bolognese but can you swap the spaghetti for rice and the Bolognese for unicorn tears?”

It exists!

5. Saying you’re ready to order when you’re not
In a hurry.  Takes 30 minutes to order.

6. Guests wanting to change tables
“Can I have that table for 10 by the window?  Yes, it’s just the 2 of us.”

7. Unruly kids
The call every manager dreads: “Table for 9, – 2 adults, 7 kids please”

8. Irregular shift jet-lag
2 weeks of nights, suddenly on 3 day shifts

9. Guests clicking their fingers or whistling for service
Have you lost for your dog?  Oh, you mean me.

Unless you have an uncontrollable tick or you’re a caveman, this is an unacceptable means of communication.  Not just in a restaurant but in life.

10. Splitting the bill 30 ways
£21.74 on the VISA, £4.57 on the Mastercard, £36.78 from this £20 and can you split this £50?

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